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When I was growing up, my creative Mom tried to find my artistic, creative niche. Each class I would endure hoping the end was near. Then later on, my hidden talents finally bloomed and I started painting, doing stained glass, sewing and designing. Mom would say, “Who did this? YOU did this!? WHEN did you learn this? It’s beautiful!” (all said in disbelief). I smile and say, “Oh, just one of my hidden talents found years ago.”

Moving to AZ in 2005, I continued to enhance my self-taught knowledge in glass and created Hidden Glass Studio in 2008. Due to nature’s limitless beauty, I’m never going to run out of ideas for my next fused glass Naturescape panel.

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If you have any questions like how to purchase or to commission a piece of work, schedule a workshop, please contact me. I love hearing from people who are interested in my work. By joining my mailing list, you will be kept current on where I’ll be exhibiting as well as having access to my occasional private online specials. I look forward to hearing from you. -Nadine

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