Angel – G23-12b


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The colors I use in my angels are associated with the seven major Archangels’ colors. Sometimes you need only one; other times you need the whole realm. If you see more than one color, there’s more Archangels within that angel. The archangels are always around us and ready to help. You never have to walk alone and it’s never too late to ask for their help. Just call their name and they’ll be there for you.

The color GREEN is Raphael, the Archangel of healing of physical bodies, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Her wings are iridized green transparent and with sun lighting behind her, you only see green.  With normal inside day lighting, you will see the iridized coloring, which show pink/purple and some yellow.  These colors bring in Archangel Zadkiel (giving forgiveness), Archangel Chamuel (unconditional love to all), and Archangel Jophiel (manifesting creativity).

Her gown is a green streaky opal.  She just shines and radiates with healing!


– The circular symbol is for healing.
– The triangle symbol is my symbol for the Trinity
– The hook is the Halo.

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