Aspen Forest Naturescape


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This piece is made all in fused glass, using all forms of glass (powder, frit, sheet, rods, stringers, etc), the colors and textures to create my Naturescape.  The glass goes through multiple kiln sessions at various temperatures, lasting almost 15hours each session.  Also included in the creation is torch working and cold working sessions.  Once completed, the scene is then placed one more time in the kiln to slump over a curved mold.  The schedule is done over a 25 hour period to insure it slumps evenly with no cracks or breakages.

After the panel is curved, it is shipped to the welder, who completes a frame.  Inside the frame is a channel, which an LED lighting strip with dimmer switch is added.  Welded into the top of the frame is a french cleat.  The other side of the french cleat is separate and included with purchase, which will be placed and screwed into your wall.  There is a light coating of clear acrylic on the bare steel metal, to prevent a rusty patina.  The top of the frame is screwed on, this allows access to the LED and the glass.

Measures:  13.25"W  x 24"L  x 3.5"D

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