Color Within the Canyon


Fused glass Naturescape panel of a river flowing through nature.

Stop and think about the river before you.  Where has it traveled?  What did it encounter on its way to where you stand?  Who drank from the river?  Did it feed any animal or person?  Did anything cross the river and how many times?  Does its' basin have water all the time or is there some times where its water is scarce.  Oh, the stories it could tell us.
This panel has waterfalls and water flow in its design.   The scene of seeing the waterfalls will change, depending on the natural light, throughout the day.  During daylight, the waterfalls fade, as the light fades, the waterfalls appear more prominent.

Made all in fused glass, no enamel painting.  Using various forms of fused glass to create the depth and texture.  The panel has with multiple kiln sessions, torch work and cold working.

Approx. 21.5" x 10" , mounted in a slot display stand.